Friday, September 1, 2017

Kim's K9 Droolers Homemade Dog Treats!

Making dogs drool all across Pennsylvania.

We all know everything tastes better when its homemade, and we want your dogs to know that too!

Combining both the warm feeling of the home kitchen with the best organic ingredients, Kim has created a homemade dog treat that both tastes good and is healthy for your pups!

Nutritional Benefits from Kim's Cooking

Organic Honey- naturally high in enzymes & anti-oxidants.
Organic Coconut Oil- improves fur & skin, improves the bodies absorption of nutrients, promotes healthy joints & thyroid function and may reduce bad breath.
Peanut Butter- great source of healthy fats, vitamins B & E, high in protein & low in carbs.
Eggs- great source of nutrition. They contain vitamins A & B12, Riboflavin, iron, folate, selenium and fatty acids.
Pumpkin- high in fiber which aids in digestion. Good source of vitamin C to boost the immune system & promote joint health. Also contains zinc which is essential for a healthy coat & skin.
Sweet Potato- Also high in fiber, aids in digestion. Low in fat. Rich with beta-carotene, this converts to vitamin A in your dog & is a necessary vitamin for growth, muscle strength and good vision.
Bananas- packed with vitamin B6 that is needed for brain development. They contain vitamin C to improve the immune system and helps prevent or fight degenerative joint diseases. The biotin found in bananas helps to maintain healthy skin & fur and aids in the functioning of the cardiovascular, metabolic & digestive system.
Apples- low in fat & calories, but are high in fiber and anti-oxidants.
Chicken Breast- lean protein promotes healthy weight & immune system.
Beef- protein rich meat full of vitamins for good health.

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